Sunday, 25 November 2012

Strong Combatants dropping wednesday (and Critters to come!)

AVAILABLE 28th November @ 17:00 EST/ 22:00 GMT on Bigmantoys' Bigcartel. Standard figures are only $25 EACH!!

Brutal cosmic warriors from the REAL Hel of Norse mythology. They fight to honor the mystical powers of the stars in the name of Odin.

The magic mists of Asgard give them their shimmering form - by fist and by spike they fight all who deny them glory in battle or lust of the flesh.

Among them are two brothers - Uniclops and the Cosmic Paladin. although fundamentally of the same stuff, they fight throughout the worlds over women and of the bragging rights of their legend.
 These figures are among the most garish thing you will ever find in 5.5". With re-appropriated vintage bootleg bodies and resin heads, they have been painted as vividly as possible. A dark eighties fever dream!

The header cards are a nod of honor to the great album covers of 80s metal bands. Uniclops and the Cosmic Paladin showing honor to Odin around a campfire. If  you can guess the album cover parodied here, then you are a Brother or True Metal!
 They are fully posable and totally not suitable for kids. Almost every element of them is toxic so don't suck on them. These are some nasty arse bootlegs. They have been coated several times in the thickest gloss available to preserve their looks and protect Eagles overhead from death by intoxication. (Just kidding, they are only as toxic as anything else made of resin and spraypainted).
 CRITTERS?! I've been getting a lot of mails from people who want more or missed the first few waves. I've been working on some big projects for Treegarr collaborations and they are DONE! The Critter (inspired minifig) is a tough bitch to cast so as much as it will kick my arse, we promised anyone who wants one should have one and we are sticking to it. Bare with me! I'm working my knackers off! But you WILL have Critters REAL soon!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Strong Combatants - 5.5 of Dark Fantasy Bootleg!

Warriors born of Cosmic Hel. Fighting all for the right to enjoy all of man's pleasures. Uniclops is envy of all Holy Warriors. His seed is said to bring blessings of strength and power to a planet. The Cosmic Paladin raised to slay him, has to keep his chastity whilst women the Uniclops has known try to veer him from the path of the Uniclops.

An intergalactic war of muscle and might.
 Arrows of the Galaxy!


Thursday, 22 November 2012

Monday, 19 November 2012

so much stuff

...and my  PC just died. forgive the lack of grammar but ihave to use my phone for updates for now. i posted some pics to the facebook page that might give you some clues as to what I'm up to. I've got one all me project I'm releasing in aweek that's pretty Fun and looks cool. I've got three mini figure projects which are all awesome but one in particular I'm doing with a micronauts buddy will definitely surprise a lot of people.
critters. I've had too many requests to keep putting it off. trutek has kept the rubber Supply up so I've remade the mold and I'm working on them until it dies. give me a week.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Thermoplastic resin for toymaking.

I discovered this stuff about 8 years ago when I was into making one off customs and was just teaching myself how to make two part molds.
I didn't want to invest in polyurethane and silicone and the rest to find out I couldn't use it, so I made two part plaster molds, and bought some of this stuff.
The first batch I bought was white. I got this blue stuff from a hobby shop in Japan. You just need to heat it to make it malleable.

It actually worked. I wet my finger to avoid getting it burned and pushed the molten resin all around the inside of the mold. Making a really tough hollow cast. You can throw it against a wall and it'll bounce back.

Since I discovered resin and got a pot - I didn't think i'd ever need thermoplastic. I've never once read about a toymaker using it.

I drilled my holes too big for the screws I needed to fit into the waist joint I made for treegarr. With a master model, it's ok to use putty and whatever else as it just needs to hold up for the mold-making process. But when it's a toy, it need to be much tougher - so Milliput would have been no good. Sooner or later, the toy would fall apart.

Using a heated up  pair of scissors as a sculpting tool, it's been possible to shape to plastic just enough to be a good filler. It's drillable and i've given the joints a good hard tug (I've got a 250 kilo grip, by the way) and they're holding up fine.

Heat it up enough and it's re-usable too. Which makes it great for small one part molds.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

ATR Hobby site in full swing.

Gold Dover's made the switch from  blog to website:

Marty Hansen was the first person I ever saw make a fully posable legit action figure. I was very turned onto the fact that I could now cast my own bits of coloured plastic. I did some with inspiration and a little advice from Marty (as I'm sure many did), then pro-wrestling took over for a few years and there was no time.

I stopped wrestling about a year ago. I won't go into the details why but I was pretty heartbroken. I had my best years ahead of me but the logistics didn't weigh up. I remember looking at some amazing pics of dozens of unique magno figures recast in amazing colours with AMAZING accuracy. Over a hundred e-mails later, I have a pressure pot, and know how to use it, I know how to cast joints, and cast without bubbles. He took me from having a hobby to being able to fill the hole that wrestling left. I'm glad to see my friend branching out and spreading his knowledge on.

I've just thought of the best Micronauts concept I ever have and will be working on that when time allows between my SEVEN different collaborations I've got going on (Jesus Christ whatamIgonnado?!)