Saturday 26 October 2013

New 5.5 - WO-MAN! イギリスのビッグマントイズです。よろしくね!

Saved by a mysterious hero in her youth, and from that point forth committed to never again relying on the strength of others, WO-MAN!

5.5" of female warrior. Brandishing her father's modified wood-axe, she roams the planets in search of the warrior who once came to her aid to pledge allegiance to him. Already hindering her path are her evil clone Faye-Kerr, and the terrible tree monster known as Treegarr, which destroyed much of her home village.

Embedded in her axe is a gem, once given to her by an old wizard, which when at its apex of power, in times of need, allows her to self-clone, bringing forth a brilliant replica of herself to fight alongside her so long as the gem holds power.




すぐにデビユーします! COMING VERY SOON!

Thursday 17 October 2013

BigMan Drivers finally going up in the store.

I was lucky enough to be sent a perfect kit version of the Diaclone driver, also known as "inchman" over a year ago on the sprue by my friend Adam.

I built up a  little army of these one by one over a few months, casting alongside other things.I kind of like them too much to sell but my cat got a big vet bill this month so here they are: BIGMANTOYS STORE

They'll be for sale tomorrow at 18:00 EDT.